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Recent Success — The Watson Property

In 2012, the Friends of the Shetucket River Valley, FoSRV, played a crucial role in the acquisition of 230 +/- acres of meadow, farmland, and forest known locally as the Watson Farm.  The ‘Farm’ property bordered the existing 270 acre Sprague Land Preserve and became part of it bringing the Preserve to approximately 500 acres of mixed lowlands with a lengthy border along a secluded stretch of the Shetucket River.  FoSRV played a pivotal role in that acquisition with negotiations between State agencies, as well as, directly participating in planning, grant writing, and funding of the purchase.  FoSRV worked in conjunction with the Towns of Sprague and Franklin, CT and in fact continues to help, presently raising money for a trail bridge on the property. 

Most Current Success — The Robinson Property

In 2016, another 125 acres, known locally as the Robinson Property, was acquired and added to the existing Sprague Land Preserve which now boasts approximately 625 acres.  The Robinson Property is a forested upland with a mixture of evergreens and deciduous hardwoods and fern- and berry-covered hillsides.  It complements the existing Preserve and adds to the diverse microcosms already established and increases the amount of protected land in the Shetucket River watershed.

FoSRV was instrumental in the purchase of the Robinson Property especially in raising the funds to reach the purchase price.  FoSRV wrote, and received many grants and partnered with conservation organizations in the region for support.  FoSRV also assisted in the research and planning phase and continues to be involved with its stewardship.

Our efforts continue. We are already looking at other properties in the area.  Please consider making a donation to, volunteering for, or becoming a member of, FoSRV.  Please help us as we respect and protect our natural world.      

The mission of the Friends of the Shetucket River Valley (FoSRV) is not to buy or own land but to help other not-for-profit organizations and municipalities acquire and preserve open space.

Friends of Shetucket River Valley

On the Robinson Property

The acquisition of the Robinson Property received broad support from the State of CT, conservation organizations, local businesses, and citizens.  They agree that preserving land for public open space has real value.  Here are the major donors:

Joshua’s Trust                          $10,000

Fields Pond Foundation           $10,000

Bafflin Foundation                    $25,000

Wharton Trust                          $12,000

Mohegan Tribe                         $10,000

Community Foundation of

Eastern Connecticut                 $20,000

State of Connecticut DEEP      $180,000

FoSRV                                      $13,000

Sprague Conservation Comm. $9,000

Purchase Price/Funds Raised: $289,000